At the Moment
By Jaqi Medaris

Poised at the very center of life.
Just ahead of our past
Just before our future
What will the next breath bring?
Where will the next step take us?

We are standing on a bridge
We really have to make a decision
Will we amble along the way we’ve come?
Would we rather turn around and
Revisit a pleasant place we remember?

We can’t be sure of what’s ahead
The road is not clearly marked
But we are adventurers
Not content to stagnate here
With life flowing by beneath our feet
Let us not slumber in the safety of this place.

But choose instead to run to the other side
Perhaps what is waiting for us there
Is a lovely part of the past
That has followed us and then run ahead
Waiting around a bend to give us
The gift we didn’t pause to consider
And Choose Back Then and There.

Jaqi Medaris (aka Jesse Graye) is a wise woman. Her seventy-plus years as a wife, working mother, and now grandmother give her a viewpoint honed to a fine edge. Her perspective reveals the pervading presence and activity of Spirit woven intricately through all life's encounters. She is an observant mystic who writes with refreshing and healing clarity. It takes a brave woman, a clever poet, a multi-faceted human being, and a dauntless soul to invite fellow travelers to share a difficult, insightful, and ultimately adventurous journey through the personal traumas and revelations of a lifetime.