Editor's Letter

If we are waiting for a leader, we should expect the Citizens of every Nation.
If we are waiting for a sign, we should expect a Miracle.
And if we are waiting for a Messiah, we should expect...the People.

--Association for Global New Thought

Welcome to the second issue of OneWorld and its many messages of peace and hope. This edition is dedicated to the January 30-April 4 "Season for Nonviolence 2004: Compassionate Activism for Global Healing," proclaimed by the Global New Thought Alliance in conjunction with the Gandhi Institute.

Gandhi said that, "Evil, injustice and hatred exist only insofar as we support them; they have no existence of their own. Without our cooperation, unintentional or intentional, injustice cannot continue." This is his soul-stirring call to non-violent non-cooperation. It calls us to meet hatred with love and urges us to live love by serving peace.

For some, this means civil disobedience and arrest. Others are able to move hearts and minds by writing, faxing, phoning or e-mailing their Congressional representatives, signing online petitions and contributing time, talent and treasure to socio-political peace and justice groups willing to do the footwork for us.

There is a groundswell of these today, so many that exploring these sites gives us hope for America, which flounders as materialistic interests run counter to the spiritual truths in our hearts and minds. Yet, as Spirit would have it, in the midst of dark times, peacemakers rise to remedy these ills.

You’ll be heartened by the people and work of these powerful political and social organizations, so please do take a look at their websites, if you haven’t already, and see if any strike a chord in you. Their concerns range from world poverty and hunger, human rights and democracy, to the integration of a U.S. Department of Peace in American government, and a complementary U.S. Peace Government.

These are my favorites. What are yours? Do you know of any terrific sites in other countries? If so, send them along and we’ll let our readers know about them in future issues.

If you hesitate to speak out for peace, fearing the loss of personal peace while serving local and global peace, you’ll appreciate the precepts and Principles of a New Activism in a downloadable file created by the Global Renaissance Alliance (www.renaissancealliance.org). It ends with an uplifting world peace meditation to share with your family and friends.

Each of us serves the world through his or his unique gifts and talents, and so it is for the visionary writers, artists and thinkers in this superb issue of OneWorld. Remote viewing pioneer Stephan Schwartz proves just how much our intentions count and reveals our unlimited psychic abilities. Author and visual artist Lesta Bertoia tells us we are one with who we have been and will be. A European writer-prophet calls us to omniscient perspectives for potentially hard times ahead. The inimitable, 93-year-old Granny D tells us to vote, for heaven’s sake! And author-screenwriter Christian Allman urges us to take a careful look at the most important thing of all: the divine Christ Consciousness of love and healing that is the heart of all we are and can be, no matter what our logos.

I trust that in reading these articles you’ll enjoy them as much as I have. Carol Hicks’ beautiful world peace painting, the poetry of peacemakers, PSI research revealing the secrets to global EEG coherence and much more–including my own pieces, especially "Portrait in Light," which integrates many worlds of esoteric thought in order to depict a universal pathway to ascension.

If you like these first two issues, tell your friends about us so that OneWorld can reach more people. Given enough momentum, we can make a positive, lasting difference in our world!