"May Peace Prevail," by Carol Hicks

God's Real Name

Some speak of one path,
Some of many paths, one truth.
Beliefs conflict.
Tongues wag.
Fingers point.
What is true?

Follow a path that brings
Joy to your heart.
It is My path.

Some pray to God the Father,
Some to Gaia, the Goddess,
Mother Earth.
Rituals differ.
Suspicions flare.
Which is real?

Speak a name that brings
Thanks to your heart.
It is My name.

Some read the Bible,
Some the Koran, the Talmud,
The Tao Te Ching.
Scriptures contradict.
Fear abounds.
Where's the answer?

Read a text that brings
Love to your heart.
It is My word.

Some say God,
Others say Allah, Buddha,
Great Spirit.
Dogmas disagree.
Wars are fought.
Who is right?

Speak a name that brings
Peace to your heart.
It is My name.

When you speak from your heart,
I hear you
Even when you know it not.

When you listen from your heart,
You hear Me,
Then you know.

Dr. Pat Walker, author of "God's Real Name," is a past-life regressionist and writer who was a school teacher and administrator in her "previous" life (Before Early Retirement). In her second career, she and her husband owned The Aquarian Bookshop in Richmond, Va., and published a newsmagazine, WholeNews, for the city's large New Age community. Pat is now traveling, spending time with her family, and creating beautiful quilts filled with peace.

Carol Hicks is a commercial artist whose reproduction stained glass windows appear in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. She designed giftware and textiles as well until 1999, when her visually rich environment sent her in new directions. "I feel like a fish swimming in a sea of images," she says. "I reach out my hand and grab an idea or two. It sparkles in my hand as I examine it. Do I let it go or work with it? I then combine and recombine the ideas to get it to the place where it holds what I consider the right essence."

This is how Carol created her painting, "May Peace Prevail." In August 2001, she dreamed of flying over a courtyard of people meditating for world peace. In the center was a huge resonator that magnified the vibrations of the meditation. "A voice said that not enough people are meditating for peace," she recalls. "After September 11, I felt I had to paint the dream." In doing research, she discovered the Korea tradition of bell making, once considered a form of magic. Buddhist scriptures were engraved on the outside of these bells, whose vibrations were thought to affect the area surrounding the bell and even enter the ground below. Around the edges of the painting, "May Peace Prevail" reverberates outward in the languages of many different countries.

To see more of Carol's beautiful work, visit her website at www.paintings-6.com.