Welcome to the second issue of OneWorld and its many messages of peace and hope. This edition is dedicated to the January 30-April 4 "Season for Nonviolence 2004: Compassionate Activism for Global Healing," proclaimed by the Global New Thought Alliance in conjunction with the Gandhi Institute.

Gandhi said that, "Evil, injustice and hatred exist only insofar as we support them; they have no existence of their own. Without our cooperation, unintentional or intentional, injustice cannot continue." This is his soul-stirring call to non-violent non-cooperation. It calls us to meet hatred with love and urges us to live love by serving peace.


Conference Report & Interview

Remote viewing research has proved that our ability to perceive and influence objective reality crosses the boundaries of time and space. Everyone can do it, except those who do not believe in it or want to.

You will be amazed and amused by this fascinating conference report and in-depth interview with remote viewing pioneer Stephan Schwartz, both tracing the key discoveries in this "science of the psychic" over the past 30 years.

How did remote viewers find Cleopatra’s palace and a downed Russian plane in Zaire? What will our world look like in 2050? And how can you tap into the "matrix" for information in the past, present and future?

Learn how and when your psychic gifts work best and the truth about our planet's future.


By Lesta Bertoia

Until I stood on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I'd assumed that other times were tapped into with the mind or with the ethereal essence of oneself. I didn't know we could take our bodies with us, or enter into the bodies we've occupied at other times.

My mother and I, sitting together in my living room, discussed the likelihood of our having been sisters in a past life.

"In Austria?" I was prompted to ask her, seeing in my mind the two of us as young women in a field, at the edge of which stood a colorfully painted ox-cart.

"Yes!" she said. "In Austria, I think that's right. When they had those ox-carts with the big wooden wheels, and they painted them with so many bright colors."

"Oh my gosh, that's what I just saw, too," I told her.


Anonymous Contributor

We are living in a period of radical purification; a critical time of decision has arrived for everyone. The present opportunity is so great, and the need for definite and positive action is so demanding that, whether we like it or not, we are all faced with a challenge. We are confronted with one of two vital choices: either to embrace the new way of being and its intrinsic responsibilities, or to reject them in the bold acknowledgement that we are not concerned, or that we are unable or unprepared to make the needed changes and sacrifices in our lives. In the very near future, one way or another, each individual will have made a necessary choice to affiliate with either the Islands of Light or the caverns of darkness; there will be no grey areas. Therefore, each member of the human family must today choose between love and fear, wisdom and ignorance.


By Doris "Granny D" Haddock

While sharing the stage a few months ago with peace activist and film director Michael Moore ("Bowling in Columbine"), 93-year-old Doris "Granny D" Haddock gave a stirring speech that launched her Last Wish Tour. In 1999, Granny D trudged across America on foot and snow skis to draw attention to the issue of campaign finance reform. She is now walking across 30 states, pulling a red wagon filled with voter registration forms. Before the 2004 presidential election, Granny D and her friends will visit 100,000 workplaces, primarily asking women to register to vote and turn the tides of U.S. politics.

Walking this little old lady–and ourselves–across the street to free and open democracy is the least we can do. But after reading this speech, the activist in you may be called to do more. If so, you’ll find at the end of her rousing speech a PDF file, "198 Methods of Non-Violent Action," offered by the Albert Einstein Institution.


By Judith Pennington

Apparently no one saw the robed, Christ-like figure walking out of a column of light appearing over an Arizona highway late in the evening of Nov. 8. But two days later, when a California woman looked at her photographs of the light and screeched, "Oh, my God!" the news was out. This intensely bright light–which lasted for 10 minutes, scrambled fighter jets and briefly raised the government’s threat code–must contain a message from some enlightened master. Because....well, here he is!

Such is the story that came to me by e-mail in mid-December, accompanied by two photographs: the first a column of light with a figure coalescing in the bottom left; the second a white-robed, Christ-like image in golden clouds. The source of the e-mail was a friend of a friend of a friend.

This article is about the quest for those two answers and how, once this journey reached its zenith, some startling evidence suddenly showed up.

The Springtime
of Peace

The deeper beauty of spring is its process. In winter's last days, as the sun warms the earth, each root and branch awakens to the patterned memory of who it is and what it can be. Life stirs and nature's growth in turn awakens all of us to the glories of being fully alive.

Space Meditation:

Take a musical voyage through the majesty of space, as seen through the eyes of the Hubble Telescope.

Blast off


Healing water Is holy water holy? Does intentioned hands-on healing result in physical change? Yes, to both, according to a therapeutic intent study conducted by Stephan Schwartz and others, and published in Schwartz’s "Subtle Energies Journal" in 1990. In this study, 14 healers (7 practitioners and 7 inexperienced healers) worked with 14 people suffering with everything from psoriasis to cancer.


There's so many things going on in the world
Babies dying
Mothers crying
How much oil is one human life worth
And whatever happened to peace on earth.



Some speak of one path,
Some of many paths, one truth.
Beliefs conflict.
Tongues wag.
Fingers point.
What is true?


A Poem

Closely watched
Life seeps through our fingers
Slipping out to join the rest of the universe.

Bruce Morgan, Baton Rouge, La.

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