Healing Water

Is holy water holy? Does intentioned hands-on healing result in physical change? Yes, to both, according to a therapeutic intent study conducted by Stephan Schwartz and others, and published in Schwartz’s "Subtle Energies Journal" in 1990. In this study, 14 healers (7 practitioners and 7 inexperienced healers) worked with 14 people suffering with everything from psoriasis to cancer.

For periods of five, 10 and 15 minutes at a time, the healers used the historic "laying-on-hands" method of healing. Randomly matched recipients lying on a table conversed or rested during these sessions. A small rubber vial containing distilled, bacterially-static water was taped to the palm of each healer. The water vials, replaced with fresh ones in each new session, were measured for change through infrared photospectometry.

The study showed no difference between the intensity of effect and time of exposure, but a very significant difference between disinterested and intentional healers. The more experienced the healer, the greater the change in the molecular structure of the water. The greatest changes were produced by the most experienced and gifted healers.

What this study says is two things: one, intentioned desire to heal produces physical changes in water; and two, that water, which makes up 70 percent of the human body and our planet, may be one of the vehicles through which healing takes place. Here we see the same fundamental result as in every other therapeutic intent study: healing intentions heal. The videotape of this study shows healing in the demeanor of the recipients, many of whom reported feeling better and some who cited healing effects like the disappearance of a painful kidney stone.

Schwartz categorizes therapeutic healing under remote viewing’s "anomalous perturbation," the power of the human mind to influence external reality. Remote viewing experiments have repeatedly shown, as reported in our article-interview in this issue, that each of us possesses the ability to perceive and perturb virtually anything, and that this ability is easily refined into a skill.

See this report and other leading-edge studies at You’ll also find on this page an in-depth therapeutic intent/healing bibliography compiled by Dr. Larry Dossey and Stephan Schwartz.

It’s interesting that ancient cultures understood the healing powers of sacred water, from the holy water and baptismal fonts in churches to the healing springs of Lourdes and other spiritual sites. This seems to say that water, a responsive communicator, is as vibrantly alive as the rest of our planet: a living being with consciousness, memory and intelligence.

Evangelism and The "Rapture"

Venture Inward, the bi-monthly magazine published by Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (, reports that there is a religious movement afoot both here and abroad. Some scholars call it a "religious awakening," according to Nicholas Kristof’s editorial, "God, Satan and the Media," published last year in the New York Times.

According to Gallup polls, as many as 46 percent of Americans label themselves as aligned with the Evangelical Christian movement. Another Gallup poll shows that 48 percent of Americans believe in creationism, and only 28 percent in evolution. Twice as many Americans believe in the existence of Satan, according to polls, than believe in evolution.

In at least some countries, this Evangelical Christian denomination is growing. In Africa, the number of Christians exponentially increased from 10 million at the beginning of the 20th century to 360 million by the beginning of the 21st century.

The news media, Kristof notes, has generally ignored this movement or written about it in a condescending manner, since, as he claims, there are no Evangelican Christians writing for a major news media operation. Kristof points out that the "educated elite" of the northeastern U.S., which dominates the news media, discusses crime in terms of the offenders’ deprived childhoods; conversation stops abruptly if someone mentions Satan.

Apparently, this does not affect the widespread belief in Satan and this devil’s doings–as these might relate to the Christian "rapture" described in Revelations of the Bible. In late 2002, Time magazine published statistics from surveys done in conjunction with its cover story on the best-selling Left Behind series, whose tenth book, The Remnant, sold more than 36 million copies.

These surveys revealed that 59 percent of Americans believe that the prophecies in the Book of Revelation will come true, and almost 25 percent believe that the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were predicted by the Bible. One-third of those polled admitted to paying more attention to the news after 9/11 and how current events might relate to the end of the world.

The European Union’s political merger, unrest in the Middle East, the nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan, global terrorism, discussion about a national ID card, civil liberty concerns, global drought conditions, fires, floods and famines all rated as events leading up to the end of the world.

Where does this leave non-Evangelicals? Some are joining the fold and scaring themselves silly by reading Others understand that love heals everything.

John Hegelin

Global EEG Coherence and Invisible
Defense Technology

While the U.S. military relentlessly drives us toward a multi-trillion-dollar defense system in space, consciousness investigators and spiritual scientists like John Hegelin urge progressive thinkers to look at the scientific evidence for the efficacy of an Invincible Defense Technology, which costs nothing. (See

In an article titled "Preventing Terrorism," Hegelin says there is growing evidence to suggest that consciousness has its roots deep in our DNA, which is governed by quantum mechanics. He explains that in the unified field (of elementary particles) that is within and all around us, sharply opposing tendencies in nature exist together in a state of perfect balance and unity–a property called supersymmetry. "When this field is stimulated in the collective consciousness of society through the mechanism of the Invincible Defense Technology," Hegelin writes, "a powerful, measurable physical influence of peace gets generated, defusing acute social stress and the ethnic and religious tension that fuel fanatical acts of terrorism."

Hegelin, a quantum physicist, notes that human awareness can easily access and harness this field, using specialized technologies of consciousness. It is a unique fourth state of consciousness that is subjectively and physiologically distinct from waking, dreaming and sleeping. In this hypo-metabolic state (the result of prayer and meditation), people heal themselves and create a global EEG coherence that heals the world.

Hegelin cites as proof 600 scientific studies conducted at over 200 independent universities and research institutes in 35 countries. These studies, published in more than 100 scientific and scholarly journals, confirm a wide range of physiological, psychological and sociological benefits resulting from this fourth state of consciousness.

Most importantly, 50 scientific studies and 19 papers published in leading, peer-reviewed scientific journals state that these effects ripple out into groups of individuals in close proximity to the meditators and cause a measurable increase in EEG coherence that significantly reduces crime, terrorism, warfare and other indicators of societal stress and incoherence.

Peace Palace
Bethesda, Maryland

U.S. Peace Government Gets Back to Nature

Let us hope that global EEG coherence will be the effect of Hegelin’s U.S. Peace Government, launched in Washington, D.C. on July 2, 2003 to create harmony in America and peace in the world.

The U.S. Peace Government, a knowledge-based, complementary government, is composed of 400 of America’s top scientists, health professionals, educators and other leading experts on the deepest principles of Natural Law. More than a think tank, the USPG will implement scientifically proven programs to prevent problems in health care, education, defense, the economy, energy, agriculture and the environment.

Between 100 and 200 "peace palaces" located in major cities across the U.S. will administer and implement these programs. The primary purpose of these peace palaces "is to support the deepest level of Natural Law and raise man-made government to be on a par with Nature’s Government, which administers the ever-expanding universe with perfect order," Dr. Hegelin explains.

"In many respects," he adds, "the U.S. Peace Government will be America’s primary government, because it will govern the nation from the crucial level of collective consciousness. By establishing peace-creating groups across America, the U.S. Peace Government will defuse the acute societal stress that fuels violence, crime, drug abuse, and other life- and health-afflicting behaviors, thereby directly improving the health, wealth, and destiny of the country. Therefore, its impact will be profound and far reaching."

Between the U.S. Peace Government–a twin government which a leading Washington political writer said is needed to counterbalance the extremism, fundamentalism and fanaticism in the nation’s capital now–and the U.S. Department of Peace, which spiritual leaders Marianne Williamson and Dennis Kuchinich want to plant inside the Capitol Building, America has real hope of returning to its moral and spiritual foundations.

Visit these two sites (respectively, and to see these seeds of peace being so courageously cultivated by progressive thinkers in our nation. Hopefully, enough of us will step forward to work in these gardens and bring them to their fruition.