"Elysian Green," by Ann Harding.
Represented by The Reece Galleries, New York City

Breathing Peace

"To the mind that is quiet, the universe surrenders."

upon reading this know this is between you and me.

here i sit. breathing. knowing the breath. feeling the breath. experiencing where the breath can take me. has taken me. will take me. i breathe.

knowing myself. knowing everything in between. this is a private personal moment. i choose to share this moment with you. come inside. you have been given an invitation. look inside of your hand. there it is. laced with joy. decorated with balloons. colored. can you smell it? an invitation into myself. i open.

come into this place without judgement. come into this place without pre-decision. come without. just enter. clear. clean. the moment. breathe for us. breathe for yourself. breathe for me. this moment is light.

it mirrors its sibling - dark.

it is where i find myself at this moment. breathing. does not both light and dark find itself enlightened? does not dark with light make lighter? yes.

into this place we walk. a path. a cobblestone road. your choice. the reality is that here we are. at this moment hear my heart sing. cliche? but it does. cliche?

i find comfort in the words of my choosing. i find light. i breathe. in. out. accepting the light that is. releasing all that is not.

now that we are here, you with me, what do you find? what do you feel? be with me in the light. we can exist in no other place.

we are here. welcome. joy is here. joy i share.

Orhan McMillan, a graphic artist based in Baton Rouge, is the artistic hand behind Eagle Life and OneWorld. He's probably the fastest web whiz in the west, yet, as you can see in this meditation he is also a sensitive, contemplative soul who loves beauty, nature and creating from the depths of his generous, kind heart. Orhan is also a sharp marketer with a very useful and free e-zine. Be sure to sign up for it on his site, dezins.com, and let him know how you liked his meditation.