Editor's Letter

Welcome to the debut issue of OneWorld, a bi-monthly e-zine dedicated to everyone’s right to live in peace and prosperity. We’re excited about this issue, not only because of its content, but also our wonderful look.

Right up front, I’d like to credit and extend our thanks to a top-flight online e-zine, Planetlightworker.com, for inspiring our design. It’s fresh, original, easy to use and requires us to keep our eyes open for beautiful images to accompany each piece (like the stunning painting by international artist Ann Harding, which literally adds dimension to a meditation poem, “Breathing Peace,” by our site designer, Orhan McMillan). The challenge of finding great artwork is a gift, since visual attentiveness expands consciousness and opens our minds to realms of infinite possibility.

That’s what you’ll find in OneWorld, so I hope you’ll subscribe to keep us online! Your $15 subscription will help cover our expenses and enable us to conduct unique interviews that will help OneWorld achieve its multi-dimensional goals.

Founding visions often change, but so far, our niche is beauty, truth and spiritual politics. For instance, our second issue features a compelling interview with Stephan Schwartz, a key player in the mysterious world of remote viewing, so you’ll learn how the U.S. government has used this psychic perception to preserve its interests and how you might do the same. Another upcoming interview is with NDE survivor and author Ned Dougherty, who was told about 9/11and other world events while on the “other side” and who wrote about these in his book, published prior to the tragedies of 9/11.

September 11, 2001 is a fitting theme for OneWorld’s first issue, since it enables us to face our fears and heartbreak, seek and find faith, and look beyond appearances for meaning and understanding. My column, “Spirits in Rebellion,” addresses the extremist forces operating in our world today and how to make sense of this, and an in-depth interview with international author, healer and scientist Barbara Brennan sheds light on how to transform, transmute and transfigure these forces within and outside of us. The events and impact of 9/11 on New Yorkers, then and now, are clarified in the keen insights of two writers who say the city has yet to heal from this violence and the war in Iraq is salt in our wounds.

In each edition of OneWorld, you’ll find equally interesting and uplifting ideas, articles, interviews and fiction (be sure to read Keith Varnum’s spine-tingling, amazingly true tale, “The Rest of the Story”). You’ll love our preoccupation with the mystical and our determination to uphold the “spiritual intuition” that enables us to discern between right and wrong (don’t miss the startling revelations about the psychic power of the mind and emotions in “PSI & I”). We will always search for the unity in science and spirituality and won’t shy away from socio-political issues and iconoclasts (next up is the feisty, articulate Granny D).

But we’ll never try to convince you to see the world our way. For one thing, that’s impossible. For another, we want to network a coalition of open-hearted, disciplined thinkers willing to substitute the authority of parents, priests and politicians for their own balanced intellect and intuition.

With this creative diversity, we will evolve enough as individuals to build one world. I hope you will sign on—right now—to this ambitious effort and submit your favorite poems, meditations, letters, quotations and stories for everyone’s enjoyment in future issues. We can only do this together!

In Spirit,