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By Judith Pennington

The anniversary coverage of 9/11 was at times moving but mostly recapped what everyone knows: that we’re singing "God Bless America" at ballgames again, airport delays are longer, policemen and firefighters are at last heroes, and terrorist fears abated somewhat with the U.S. war on Iraq and in Afghanistan. I was very touched, however, in hearing a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, a great lady who modeled "old world" civility in saying, "I learned to conquer each of my fears, one by one, and only then was I brave."


By Judith Pennington
and Barbara Brennan

When you go into transfiguration work, you're learning to simply be with everything there is, at the same time, and recognize it as yourself and then pull it into your center. This includes all that you experience or label as negative. Another way to describe the transfiguration process is the holding of extreme opposites at the same time. If you're doing transfiguration work, you will feel within yourself extreme opposites, and you will also experience them in other people. For example, feeling intense hatred and intense love at the same time.


With Lynne Miceli
and Sylvia Chappell

No one but a New Yorker can fully understand the impact of 9/11 on the city and its people. In this fascinating article by OneWorld editor Judith Pennington, two smart, savvy New York women look into the heart of New York and beyond it to America's shift in consciousness, the war on Iraq, suppression of the news and conspiracy theories taking root in the American psyche.


By Keith Varnum

The pale autumn sun was calling it a day as I traversed a narrow country road threading a mountain pass through the serrated peaks of the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. Even though the aspen were resplendent in their golden fall colors, there was no snow in the weather forecast. I checked my fuel gauge as I passed a sign that read "No gas or food for the next 100 miles." The tank was almost full. I wasn’t hungry. I would be on the other side of the pass and near a town in time for a late dinner. As I approached the alpine gap, it began to snow.


By World Photographers

These extraordinary photographs depict people all over the world in prayer and solidarity with Americans over the tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001. The images are emotionally wrenching, yet there is great beauty in them all. Here we see people opening their hearts to one another. In this open-heartedness, we are all just people sharing our humanity. There are no differences between us. We are one.

To a Siberian Woodsman
By Wendell Barry

You sit at the dinner table late into the night with your son,
Tying the bright flies that will lead you along the forest streams.
Over you, as your hands work, is the dream of the still pools.
Over you is the dream of your silence.


Meditation Poem:
Breathing Peace
By Orhan Mc Millan

upon reading this know this is between you and me.


Prayers For Peace

The supreme Self, the still center of your own being, holds you together when everything else is falling apart.

Good and bad swirl around it like children swirling around a maypole, but the center holds fast. Unmoving and untouched, the supreme self is totally unaffected by your ups and downs.

It is eternally blissful and absolutely pure.

Gurumayi, Siddha guru


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Global consciousness blips just before 9/11 attack. Since August of 1998, the Global Consciousness Project, located at Princeton University, has monitored about 40 radioactive random number generators placed at locations around the world. The random number generators register events that affect global consciousness—such as war, peace and internationally significant events like the deaths of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana.

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, researchers assembled data from these sensitive generators to check for any extraordinary output. Indeed, according to Roger Nelson, the project’s director, 9/11 caused “an unmistakable and profound response.” From approximately 10 minutes before the first crash until four hours afterward, global awareness of this tragedy created a unified and coherent psychic event that impacted the output of the radioactivity in data collectors.

(This report courtesy of Henry Reed, editor of Psi Research in “Venture Inward” magazine, published by Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment at edgarcayce.org.)

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