Global consciousness blips just before 9/11 attack. Since August of 1998, the Global Consciousness Project, located at Princeton University, has monitored about 40 radioactive random number generators placed at locations around the world. The random number generators register events that affect global consciousness—such as war, peace and internationally significant events like the deaths of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana.

After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, researchers assembled data from these sensitive generators to check for any extraordinary output. Indeed, according to Roger Nelson, the project’s director, 9/11 caused “an unmistakable and profound response.” From approximately 10 minutes before the first crash until four hours afterward, global awareness of this tragedy created a unified and coherent psychic event that impacted the output of the radioactivity in data collectors.

Since this is a repeatable phenomenon, we must ask what it means. To OneWorld and a growing body of thinkers, random number generators prove objectively the existence of a unified global consciousness in which--just as in the human brain--our psyches become quite naturally aware of critical events before they occur in material form. Thus we are one mind, one people, one planet, indivisible.

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Emotion, intellect and prayer: we can run, but we can’t hide

“Destructive Emotions,” a book and CD set by Daniel Goleman, is a compelling discussion between the Dalai Lama of Tibet and Western scientists on how emotion influences consciousness. One of the most interesting facts brought out in these Mind and Life Institute discussions is that thought and emotion travel the same neural pathways.

In part as a result of these East-West dialogues, scientists are now confirming what Buddhist psychology has always taught: that negative emotions like anger, fear and depression alter physical structures in our brains so that we are quite literally unable to know the difference between fact and fiction: e.g., we get so mad and filled with aversion that we “see red” or “can’t see straight.” Along the same lines, feelings of love are so powerful that we are very likely to be blinded to the truth about our objects of attraction and affection.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that we must retreat into the safe, warm stronghold of the intellect to be able to see straight. As a matter of fact, it makes a great deal more sense to perceive people and events with the heart, since, according to The HeartMath Institute (, the heart emits a vibration that is 60 times stronger (within the body) than is the power, or amplitude, of our brain waves. Beyond the body, that factor of 60 multiplies to a factor of 5,000-times increased strength.

This makes it critical for us to master even our most subtle emotions and moods, in order for our conscious minds and senses to accurately perceive and interpret information. Otherwise, we live in emotional delusion and reality distortion.

Unless we draw our perceptions from a higher source!

Peace troubadour and author James Twyman, during a 2003 peace mission to Israel, reported that prayer decreased violence and crime by half that evening and the next day. During a prayer vigil, a scientist with a biometer noted the typical 6500 units of light (a baseline measure of people and places), then watched it surge to 9500 angstroms of light during the collective prayers of the 70 people present, combined with the prayers of more than 100,000 people praying simultaneously in the United States. This, no doubt, is the result of resonance and entrainment, which is just as effective during a personal conflict with one other person as it is with a group praying for world peace.

Recent lab tests have borne out the Dalai Lama’s claim that meditation curbs the power of emotion to distort and create destructive events. Not only does an angry, near-violent person calm down in the presence of a peaceful, contemplative person, meditation decreases the amount of adrenaline produced during the fight-or-flight response. In one laboratory test, three monks meditating became insensible to stimulation on the order of a shotgun blast, which would cause significant emotional upset in the average person.

Here’s the bottom line: we can live at the mercy of our thoughts, feelings and fears, or master our emotions to gain the benefit of clear, sharp thinking and respond appropriately to people and events. We make this choice in every moment, awake or asleep.

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The frequencies of emotion and how to be a saint

Thanks to science and spirit, we now understand that all matter is energy, including our bodies and minds. The quarks, atoms and molecules of our cells, tissues and organs are vibrating at different frequencies; and our thoughts and emotions, powered by the mind, also manifest externally as vibration.

Over a period of 30 years, psychiatrist David Hawkins used kinesiology research on thousands of subjects to formulate a scale from 1 to 1000; it shows how our mental-emotional states correspond to our physical health. This spiritual psychotherapist found that any frequency below 200 (20,000 cycles per second) weakens the body, while frequencies from 200 to 1000 strengthen it.

The lowest vibration is shame, followed in ascending order by guilt, apathy, grief, fear and anxiety, craving, anger and hate. All of these physically weaken the body-mind.

It’s unsettling, but perhaps not entirely surprising, to learn that most of humanity, according to Dr. Hawkins, is stuck in the life-denying frequencies: from 20 (shame) to 175 (pride) and 190 (conservatism).

At 250 on the scale is neutrality and trust, which are strengthening. Rising up the scale are willingness, optimism, acceptance, forgiveness, reason and understanding, love and reverence, joy and serenity, with peace and bliss at 600, and enlightenment at 700-1000. The highest calibration during Hawkins’ study was the recently beatified Mother Theresa at 700. One thousand is called God-consciousness, or spirit. This is the frequency of absolute power.

Not everyone believes in kinesiology, or muscle testing, and until it is challenged by a good study in a respectable lab whose researchers are wise enough to neither doubt nor believe in it beforehand, we can't really know whether Dr. Hawkins' findings are truth or imagination. We can, however, look at his "ladder of consciousness"--if we've climbed it ourselves--and discern whether these are the stages of personal evolution that we ourselves have experienced. If so, then perhaps you will share the conclusions of so many people, e.g. that:

When the highest and fastest frequencies of spirit are brought to the presence of lower and slower frequencies, they nullify and dissipate what we call problems. Just the presence of a master like Jesus raised the consciousness of everyone in the village. Likewise, when Mother Theresa walked into a room, everyone was suddenly filled with a feeling of bliss, and it was almost impossible to entertain thoughts of hatred in her presence.

We can only conclude that within us rests the capacity to emanate the same energy as a saint. By practicing peace and mastering our emotions, we can eradicate any problem in our lives and actuate the presence of higher spiritual frequencies at any time.

Indeed, Dr. Hawkins claims that the events of 9/11, and the responsive outpouring of peace in people all over the world, are bringing about a transformation in human consciousness. Using muscle testing to calibrate the consciousness of the people on Earth, he finds an overall reading of 207 before 9/11, with 78 percent of the world's population under 200, the fulcrum point between a destructive and healthy way of life. Just after 9/11, this reading jumped to 240 and by February 2002 was 250. By March 21, 2003 (two days after the U.S. invasion of Iraq), our vibrational rate increased to 400, the level of reason.

If he is correct in this, our peaceful thoughts, words and deeds are carrying our planet into its long-awaited spiritual awakening, as we steadily rise in consciousness toward the 500 reading, where we live love.

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